CNC-Fräsmaschinen 7er

Die SYIL X7 setzt die nächste Stufe für kleine CNC-Maschinen. Entdecken Sie die Funktionen der berühmten SYIL X7 kleinen CNC-Maschine.

Jetzt mit einem Epoxid-Granit Mineralguss Gestell.

small cnc mill syil x7

Vorteile unserer kleinen CNC-Fräse

An affordable CNC milling machine designed for real machining work with the power to cut serious materials. Your benefit in a compact space: CNC cutting at low unit costs at high processing quality and unprecedented speed.

The SYIL X7 small CNC mill is your cost-effective CNC machining solution no matter for small enterprise production, teaching and education, prototyping, or even hobby use.

Mineral casting

The SYIL X7 is made with a mineral casting frame from SCHNEEBERGER. Mineral casting is a high-tech material that is perfect for the primary machine bed functions.

Loaded with features

What makes the SYIL X7 stand out is that it is loaded with full-size features without any extra costs. An amazing number of features are included in a basic X7 package.

The best components

We can truly say the SYIL X7 is made from the best components. Parts of the SYIL X7 come from top manufacturers like SCHNEEBERGER, Thodacon and THK.

Choose your controller

The best software to use will highly depend on your needs, your knowledge, and what you may already use. That is why we let you make your own choice: SIEMENS, FANUC, LNC or Syntec, the choice is yours. 

In SYIL-Maschinen verwendete Komponenten


Kleine CNC-Maschine

The new SYIL X7 Epoxy Granite edition is affordable and probably the best small CNC machine on the market in its price range. Read here how SYIL compares to others.

  • Introducing mineral casting

  • Economical solution for small parts

  • Small footprint, superior performance


Change from a cast iron to a composite mineral casting (epoxy granite) frame.

The new edition of our famous SYIL X7 provides you with exciting improvements. The biggest upgrade is the change from a cast iron to a composite mineral casting (epoxy granite) frame. Composite mineral casting, also known as resin concrete, is a combination of inorganic and organic materials. The main advantages of this frame and therefor of the SYIL X7 are listed below:

  • Superior damping to metal materials improves the dynamic stability of the machine bed structure in fast and accurate production machinery
  • Machine beds and machine bed components with an excellent mass/rigidity ratio
  • Fewer faults when subjected to thermal loads thanks to high thermal inertia

An economical solution for small parts machining

The SYIL X7 comes with splendid performance specifications. You can cut small parts at high speed and with high processing quality. Yet, with reasonable costs per unit. 

Partly due to its compact size, the upfront investment for the SYIL X7 is much lower compared to the competition. The machine is easy to operate with relatively low maintenance and service costs. 

In conclusion, the SYIL X7 is your economical solution for cutting small parts.



Small footprint, superior performance

The mineral casting process provides an exceptional degree of freedom with respect to the shape of the components. In our case, using a mineral casting machine bed offers us the possibility to place the X-axis motor under the table. We are thus able to reduce the width of our enclosures to 1.5m without compromises on table size or safety distances in the enclosure. The specific characteristics of the material and of the process result in comparatively high strength and significantly lower weight.

The heat shrinkage of mineral casting is very little, and no local shrinkage, so the precision is much higher than that of traditional cast iron. Mineral castings are formed at one time without machining in many cases. The requirements of higher accuracy can be achieved by easily milling and grinding even if higher accuracy is needed. As a result, the accuracy of the machined workpiece is improved.


Was ist inklusive?

Standard Included Optional
PC controller Mach3 / 4 series or EMC Siemens controller
Epoxy Granite frame Fanuc controller
High precision linear Syntec controller
Central automatic lubrication system Lnc controller
Tools and toolbox 30000 RPM high-speed build-in type spindle
Fully enclosed protective cover (according to model) Electric box cooler
Working lamp Probing system
Three color warning light Tool setter system
Spindle oil cooling device(according to model) NC rotary table
Air gun Filtermist
Coolant tank Automatic door
X / Y / Z telescopic protective cover Chip conveyor
Horizontal adjustment block and screw Transformer
Mpg Handwheel  
USB / RS232 transmission interface (according to the controller)  
Rigid tapping (according to the controller)  
Mechanical and electrical operation manual  
SGS/CE safety certification  

Abmessungen kleiner CNC-Maschinen


Technische Daten der kleinen CNC-Fräse


Working surface: 700x300mm | 27.5“x11.8"

T-Slots (Number x Size x Distance): 3x14x100mm | 3x0.55"x3.9"

Max. table load: 100kg | 220lbs.


Longitudinal Travel X: 400mm | 15.7"

Cross Travel Y: 300mm | 11.8"

Headstock Travel Z: 380mm | 14.9"

Distance between spindle end and table top: 100-480mm | 3.9"-18.9"

Distance between spindle center and column surface: 358mm | 14.1"


Spindle nose: BT30/NT30/HSK E-40

Spindle speeds: 5,000rpm/10,000rpm/12,000rpm/30,000rpm(Optional)

Mechanism of Transmission: Belt Type/Bulid-in type (Optional)


Cutting feed: 10,000mm/min | 393IPM

Rapid traverse: 30,000mm/min | 1181IPM

Auto Tool Changer

Tool holder: Umbrella and Arm type

Tool storage Capacity: 12 set (Umbrella type)

16 set (Arm type)

Max. tool diameter: 16mm | 0.62"

Max. tool length: 100mm | 3.9"

Max. tool weight: 2kg | 4.4lbs.

Tool to Tool: 10.0sec (Umbrella type) 2.0sec (Arm type)


Spindle motor output: 3.0kw (LNC6800) | 4HP

5.5kw (SYIL 22MA | SIEMENS 808D/A | FANUC 0iMF Plus) | 7.5HP

Drive motors X,Y Axis: 1.2Kw | 1.6HP Z Axis: 2.4kw | 3.2HP

Machine Space

Floor space (Length x Width x Height):

1680x1500x1960mm | 66.1"x59.0"x77.1"

Net weight 1500kg (combo) | 3306lbs

Entdecken Sie den SYIL X7 in Aktion


Need clarification?

Which controller should I buy for the SYIL X7?

This is by far the most common question we get from users. Ultimately it comes down to your budget and the availability of the correct power supply.

LNC 5800/6800: The Advantech LNC range of controllers is effectively a budget controller that has proven to be incredibly capable and reliable. With absolute servos and programmable logic, they are able to run any ATC without issues. Machines with the LNC suite can be made for single-phase but the spindle power will be limited to 2.2kW and you will need a 20-32amp dedicated breaker.

SYIL 22MA: A customized CNC control suite for the SYIL range of machines. Offers the same functionality as the LNC range but extends with a massive screen and other easy-to-use features. Required for 5 axis simultaneous or tool center point compensation work.

Siemens 808D Advanced: German engineering at a value price. The 808D offers great documentation, customizability, and a host of easy-to-use features. Comes with a 3-year warranty on all Siemens components once you register it.

Fanuc OI-MPF Plus: The top shelf controller. For those with the budget and need for the Fanuc name and reliability. Also comes with the long Fanuc warranty.

Is a mineral casting better than an iron casting?

SYIL uses SCHNEEBERGER SWISS epoxy granite (mineral casting) for SYIL X7 series and V855 models. There are many benefits to using this material over traditional Cast Iron.

We recommend you read our blog post about the benefits of epoxy granite.

Where can I find a SYIL X7 review?

We recommend you view the SYIL X7 review made by Aaron Powter, a high school teacher from Melbourne.

Should I go for an X7 or a V650?

The difference between the SYIL V650 and the SYIL X7 is down to size and price. The V series generally are our heavy industrial machines while the SYIL X7 is for precision and small-scale production.

Can I use Mach3 or Linux CNC with the SYIL X7 machines?

No. The new SYIL X7 has been built with absolute servo systems in mind.

Which tool changer should I get with my SYIL X7?

SYIL X7 has two types of ATC available. The standard Carousel type and the Arm type. The Carousel is more economical and takes 12 tools where the Arm type is lightning fast and takes 16 tools. Price is the main factor governing your choice here. Second, to that, maintainability is easier on the carousel type.

Wie viel kostet ein SYIL X7?